Electric Pumps

By: Jesus Esparza

February 07, 2018

Electric Pumps Image
In the last couple of years, there has been an increasing amount of effort dedicated to finding ways to save energy. One of the biggest sources of inefficiencies in a plant is compressed air. Compressed air is an extremely versatile energy source for industry; however, many estimates put the total amount of energy at the point-of-use to be less than 15% of the amount supplied to the compressor.

Both Graco and Binks have developed electric pumps that can drastically reduce energy consumption. A single circulation pump can save over $1000 per year in energy costs alone. Additional benefits to implementing electric pumps include:

  • Decreased wear on plant compressor
  • Lower maintenance on compressed air delivery system
  • Intrinsic runaway protection
  • No noise pollution
  • Extremely quick changeovers minimize pulsation
  • On weekends or holidays can circulate material in energy saving modes—allowing the plant’s compressor to be shut down


Graco E-Flo DC 4-Ball Circulation Pump

  • Five times more efficient compared to similar sized pneumatic pumps
  • Minimal pulsation at changeover provides a more consistent finish
  • Integrated runaway protection protects your pump from premature wear and prevents costly material loss
  • Basic model has two simple control knobs to easily adjust pump settings
  • Advanced model lets you easily connect and manage multiple pumps with a single control module
  • Quiet electric motor improves your work environment allowing you to remain near the pump for longer periods of time

Binks Smart Pumps 

  • Constructed from high quality materials and surface treatments.
  • Horizontal short stroke design
  • Reciprocating drive
  • Fluid seal - Piston seal lubricated by paint on both sides. No external paint leaks when seal needs replacement
  • Bellows seal - No exposed shaft seal packing. Vital for UV and moisture sensitive materials
  • Tungsten carbide ball seats and ceramic coated pistons
  • Flow rate control - Operating speed adjusted by AC frequency inverter to achieve 10-40cpm
  • Sanitary inlet and outlet connections